The Reading Foundation - Education Charity Established 1986

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of The Reading Foundation include the following:


  • To clearly identify and manage Reading Foundation Awards and Hardship Funds including Travel Awards and school prizes, with the aim of maximising the distribution of awards funds. Establish an Awards Policy and Procedure and implement in conjunction with the Headmaster of Reading School.


  • To establish a policy for donations, bequests and legacies in conjunction with 1125 Fund (the fund raising activities of the school) and the alumni organisation, the ORs (Old Redingensians Association) to maximise long term benefit for Reading School.


  • To improve understanding of the role of Reading Foundation amongst Reading School stakeholders through better communications particularly the School Leadership Team and through establishing a Reading Foundation website.


  • To ensure responsibilities to maintain, upkeep and improve the estate and fabric of Reading School are appropriately carried out by the relevant entity, particularly with reference to the Reading School Survey dated November 2011.


  • To administer Reading Foundation funds with the aim of maximising returns over the long term within a relatively low risk profile. Finance Committee to continue to review investment arrangements in line with Trustee responsibilities to manage the funds over the long term, with recommendations made to Council in a timely manner. Establish annual budgets for forecast income and expenditure.


  • To consult with Reading School Leadership Team to determine priorities for Foundation expenditure.





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