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Historically a number of benefactors have donated money, mainly in the form of bequests, to be used in making awards for the benefit of Reading School pupils. In 1994, the Charity Commission consolidated these donations and bequests into a single Award Fund to be administered by the Reading Foundation.


In addition, each year funding for the benefit of pupils at the School is allocated from other sources such as the Old Redingensians Association.


Reading Foundation recognises the considerable benefits that can be and are derived by Reading School and its pupils through the allocation of money from the Award Fund and for this reason it is committed to placing ever greater emphasis on the effective disbursement of the Fund’s annual income.



Categories of Award Spending

Distribution of money under the Award Fund falls under five broad headings as follows:


1: Academic prizes and awards

The Foundation funds the majority of the School’s prizes and awards given in recognition of excellence, achievement, improvement and effort by individual pupils.


2: Pupil financial hardship

The Foundation’s Trustees give careful and sympathetic consideration, in confidence, to any requests for relief of individual financial hardship that are proposed and supported by the Headmaster.


Current, future and recent pupils of the School who are in need of financial assistance can seek relief of financial hardship from the Award Fund but their requests must fall within the terms set out in the 1994 Scheme.


3: Individual bursaries

The Foundation funds bursaries granted to individual pupils at the School in recognition of their excellence, integrity or leadership (the three key themes from the School’s current Strategic Plan). The criteria for awarding the bursaries are approved by the Council on the basis of a proposal drawn up and presented to it by the Headmaster.


4: Pupils participating in extra-curricular activities

The Foundation also funds bursaries in the form of lump sum awards granted on the basis of excellence, integrity or leadership to support groups of individual pupils involved in extra-curricular activities (eg to help offset the cost of educational visits or sports tours). As in the case of individual bursaries, the criteria for these bursaries are approved by the Council on the basis of a proposal drawn up and presented to it by the Headmaster


5: Ad hoc contingencies

As with many funding schemes, the Foundation’s Council holds back a small proportion of money each year to allocate as required to ad hoc priorities that are brought to its notice by the Headmaster



Procedure for applying for award funds

Applications for an award should be made to the Headmaster who in appropriate cases will frame a request for consideration by the Foundation’s Council and forward it to the Clerk to the Foundation.


To assist it in operating the Award Fund, the Foundation’s Council has set up a Task Force. The role of the Task Force is to recommend to the Foundation’s Council payments out of the Fund ‘s income for purposes proposed annually by the Headmaster. When making its recommendations to the Council, the Task Force must be satisfied that the proposals are (i) appropriate, (ii) within the funding that has been allocated by the Council’s Finance Committee and (iii) compatible with the terms of the Charity Commission’s 1994 Scheme.



A work in progress.

The Foundation’s work with regard to the Award Fund is evolving. The present framework is comparatively new. It is envisaged that it will evolve over time and become more refined in the light of experience and review. Key changes to the system will be detailed in this section of the Foundation’s Website.


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