The Reading Foundation - Education Charity Established 1986

History of the Reading Foundation


The Reading Foundation has a long history, originally established in 1883 by order of the Charity Commission to own the land of the Boys' School, gifted by William Isaac Palmer. It went through various changes in the early twentieth century, being administered by the Council under the Board of Education Scheme in 1908, and seeing the union of Reading School and Kendrick Boys' School in 1916.


In anticipation of the Schools' change to grant maintained status in the 1980's the Reading Foundation was incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee with no share capital, and in 1989 the land was vested in the company as Trustee of the charity the Reading School Foundation. Upon the School gaining Academy status in 2010, the company leased the site to the School rent free in accordance with government regulations.


The company is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission and functions through a board of directors who are effectively the trustees of the charity. The directors are drawn from a cross section of the School community including parents, governors and Old Redingensians.


The company's incorporation documents lay down its general object to advance the education of the public. In 1994 the numerous individual charitable gifts and endowments, which the original charity administered, were rationalised into three principal funds, each reflecting their respective historical objectives, and these funds are still managed today:

  • School Charity: union of the Reading School Foundation and the Kendrick endowment. Its clear income is to be applied in providing benefits for the School for which provision is not made from public funds;
  • Award Fund: Appleton, Archbishop Laud, Sir Peter Spokes' Scholarship Funds with various others. Its aim is to promote the education of pupils attending the School, children who are about to attend the school, and former pupils of at least two years' standing. It includes exhibitions and prizes, and financial assistance;
  • Young Bequest: its object is to provide benefits for the School for which provision is not made from public funds, and to promote the education of current, prospective and former pupils.

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