The Reading Foundation - Education Charity Established 1986

Our Mission

Our Mission: to inspire and advance the education of the public particularly through support of Reading School.


The guiding principles under which we operate are:

Educational Purpose

Working within the terms of the Memorandum of Association including any relevant Trust Deed or Charity Commission scheme, our aim is to acquire, carry on and endow any School or Schools and in particular Reading School subject to any liabilities relating thereto as long as the School is carried on as an educational charity.


Our mission is to provide better educational facilities and improved opportunities to the pupils of Reading School. We will ensure that we support the development plans of Reading School subject to the terms of any relevant Trust Deed or Charity Commission scheme.


Our trustees will support staff and pupils of Reading School and act as custodians of the Reading Foundation assets including the Reading School site. Working within the terms of Charity Commission, the trustees will apply due diligence throughout all their actions.


The trustees will take into account the interest of the stakeholders of Reading. The trustees will ensure that the stakeholders are appropriately informed of Reading Foundation plans and actions in a timely manner.

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